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Cupid's Collection 🏹❣️

amborella organics Amborella Organics Lollipop $2.50
the golden carrot Fluorite Mini Heart Crystal $5.00
the golden carrot Decorative Crystal Orb from $5.00
egg press "finding you" card $6.00
egg press Celebrating Us Card $6.00
tiny bones press Be mine card $6.00
the golden carrot Rose Quartz Jelly Moon & Star $6.00
Cody Foster & Co FINAL SALE French Macaron Glass Ornament from $6.50 $10.00
The 12th Moon Little Lavender Bundle $7.00
the golden carrot Angel Aura Quartz Heart Crystal $8.00
the golden carrot Crystal Schwartz $8.00
The 12th Moon Mini Green Sage Bundle $12.00
the golden carrot Natural Crystal Point from $15.00
the golden carrot Druzy Moon & Heart Crystals $20.00
The 12th Moon Citrus Harvest Bundle $21.00
Tinned Sardines Candle $24.00
The Golden Carrot TGC 'Tini Candle $28.00
margaret solow Natural Birthstone Charm from $50.00
the golden carrot Biwa Cloud Bracelet $55.00
zoe chicco Bitty Round Birthstone Charms from $70.00
Page Sargisson Inc. FINAL SALE - 18K Extra Small Kite Stud from $79.50 $106.00
the golden carrot Vintage Rose Charm $80.00
The Golden Carrot Vintage Tiny Butterfly Charm $85.00
Pampshade Croissant Bread Lamp $88.00
the golden carrot Seamless Strands Permanent Bracelet from $100.00
margaret solow Natural Stone Beaded Bracelet from $110.00
zoe chicco 14K YG Itty-Bitty Shape Charm $125.00
ruta reifen FINAL SALE - Hope Sapphire Earring $140.75 $187.00
Lelia Art & Home Decor Decorative Floral Tray from $170.00
ariel gordon Birthstone Spotlight Earring from $175.00
ef collection Bitty Baguette Stud - FINAL SALE $175.00 $248.00
Laurie Fleming Anais Earring $188.00
Pampshade Baguette Bread Lamp $240.00
the golden carrot 18K Vintage Enamel Butterfly Charm $245.00
the golden carrot Vintage Large Puffy Key Charm $250.00
ariel gordon Ruby Cherry Bomb Stud $250.00
ariel gordon Stickpin Earrings in Pearl $250.00
ariel gordon Sundry Stick Pin Earrings $250.00
Laurie Fleming Lyrie Wing Earring $268.00
ef collection Diamond Butterfly Earring $348.00
Concrete Collective Blush Pink Sapphire Necklace $350.00