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Seamless Strands

Adorn your wrist or anklet with a Seamless Strand of sparkle with The Golden Carrot's latest in-store offering!

Available only at The Golden Carrot's storefront location in the heart of Charlotte, NC's South End. 

During your 15 minute appointment we will custom fit one of our super sparkly, 14k yellow gold chains to your wrist or anklet so that the fit is comfortable and to your liking! Once we've found the perfect fit...*pew-pew"!  We will laser weld the chain on to create a clasp-less, seamless strand of gold for you to enjoy indefinitely!

Seamless Strands welding is done by appointment only. Appointments are available Wednesday-Friday from noon to 5pm. 


PRICING (bracelets / anklets):
Bracelets range from $100 - $330
Anklets range from $145 - $475

(Sales tax is not included in the above pricing)

Payment is taken upon your arrival at your appointment.

*All sales are FINAL

Need to remove your Seamless Strand? No problemo! Simply use a pair of household scissors to snip your strand! We recommend snipping the small ring that was welded together to join both sides of your chain. This will ensure you don't lose any chain length should you decide to have your sparkle put back on! We are just a phone call, email, or DM away and always happy to help!

the golden carrot Seamless Strands Permanent Bracelet from $100.00
The Golden Carrot Herb, the Rabbit Charm $125.00
the golden carrot Seamless Strands Double Bail Charms from $60.00