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ariel gordon Dual Birthstone Ring from $295.00
the golden carrot Twist Diamond Bar Band from $220.00
the golden carrot Delicate Stack Ring from $80.00
the golden carrot Dainty Hammered Stacker from $120.00
the golden carrot Subtle Stack Ring from $65.00
ef collection Diamond Eternity Band $625.00
the golden carrot Sailorette Stacker $80.00
jennie kwon designs 3s Ring in Ruby $420.00
jennie kwon designs Emerald Lexie Ring $1,195.00
zoe chicco Hollow Curb Chain Ring from $395.00
the golden carrot Twist Rope Ring from $105.00
ariel gordon Twine Ring from $575.00
ila collection Noales Rose Cut Diamond Band $4,330.00
ila collection Bali Ring $1,935.00
the golden carrot Six Prong-Set Diamond Stack Ring $310.00
sofia zakia Demeter Ring $1,290.00
jennie kwon designs Diamond Peak Ring $823.00
sirciam Ethereal Stacking Band $918.00
ila collection Geren Diamond Eternity $3,245.00
sofia zakia Wandering Cosmos Ring - Moonstone $2,250.00
sofia zakia Wandering Star Ring in Opal $1,340.00
Artemer Diamond Flora Cluster Ring $6,500.00
jennie kwon designs Diamond Baguette Wave Band $878.00
the golden carrot Chevron Herringbone Eternity from $320.00
zoe chicco FINAL SALE Diamond Quad Ring $260.00 $325.00
BluBoho Revival Snakeskin Ring $148.00
sofia zakia Garnet Termina Ring - Final Sale $699.00 $890.00
jennie kwon designs Gray Diamond Slice Ring $2,480.00
the golden carrot 7mm Unisex Martelé Band $1,300.00
the golden carrot Unisex 6mm Taffeta Band from $610.68
Honey Jewelry Co. Unisex 5mm Matte Rustic Band $1,350.00
ila collection Perryn Ring in Diamond $3,025.00
the golden carrot Solstice Diamond Baguette Ring $7,000.00
Artemer Rhombus Diamond Ring $3,850.00
the golden carrot Sapphire Sovereign Ring $2,705.00
the golden carrot Sapphire Amphitrite Ring $2,805.00
the golden carrot Gaia Sapphire Ring $2,375.00
the golden carrot Verity Sapphire Band $2,500.00
the golden carrot Geo Stack Ring $250.00
ef collection Diamond Jumbo Twist Band $1,595.00
ef collection Mini Diamond Curbie Ring $1,475.00
the golden carrot Polka Stacker $400.00
The Golden Carrot Do Re Mi Stacker $95.00
Laurie Fleming Buttercup Ring — Yellow Sapphire $269.00
Laurie Fleming Ola Band $465.00
jennie kwon designs Green Sapphire Fan Arch Ring $795.00