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Queen City Crete Milady Planter $25.00
Page Sargisson Inc. 18K Extra Small Kite Earring $105.00
the golden carrot Stay Gold Sweatshirt $68.00
Geoflora Jewelry dewdrop tourmaline earring $105.00 $120.00
sofia zakia mini worry doll earring $215.00
ariel gordon twine ring $665.00
communion by joy Guardian Jelly Star Necklace $750.00
ila collection Hanley Earring in Blue Sapphire $265.00
Page Sargisson Inc. 18K Small Kite Earring $138.00
the golden carrot XS Curb Chain Ring $175.00
sofia zakia The Demeter Ring in Diamond $1,180.00
the golden carrot Hollow Tube Hoop Earrings $375.00
the golden carrot "the babe" curb chain bracelet from $615.00
ef collection prong-set diamond chain stud $538.00
Elizabeth Street eagle claw tourmaline earrings (pair) from $675.00
mason grace clair de lune earring $180.00
jennie kwon designs 3s ruby necklace $525.00
the golden carrot Mystery Stay Gold Gift Box from $93.00
the golden carrot Mini Flat Curb Chain Necklace $820.00
jennie kwon designs Blue Sapphire Journey Earring $270.00
jennie kwon designs Montana Sapphire Equilibrium Ring $1,650.00
jennie kwon designs Green Sapphire Diamond Arch Ring $995.00
margaret solow stormy purple tourmaline necklace $319.00
communion by joy Guardian Heart Ring from $700.00
ila collection Bali in Blue Sapphire Ring $1,375.00
zoe chicco sapphire solstice earring $170.00
ila collection Clarence Earrings in Emerald (pair) $630.00
ruta reifen Shay Earring in Diamond $143.00
ruta reifen Birthstone Cluster Earring $242.00
ila collection Irina Earrings in Diamond $695.00
the golden carrot Vintage S-Link Anklet $243.00
margaret solow Mint Aquamarine Slice Necklace $306.00
sirciam Eggular Light Ring $1,740.00
sirciam Tri-Iridescence Ring $2,120.00
sirciam Illuminating Sapphire Ring $3,150.00
ila collection odo ring in blackened blue sapphire $795.00
ila collection reed ring in emerald $1,135.00