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the golden carrot Seamless Strands — Permanent Bracelet from $100.00
the golden carrot Serendipity Gold Beaded Bracelet $55.00
the golden carrot Crystal Schwartz $8.00
zoe chicco Itty-Bitty Charm $100.00
ef collection Adjustable Chain Extender $50.00
hortense Together Necklace $315.00
margaret solow Land of Oz Emerald Necklace $270.00
the golden carrot Lucky Diamond Horseshoe Bracelet $320.00
hortense Flying Together Earrings $264.00
ariel gordon Mini Helium Initial Stud $150.00
ef collection Mini Diamond Teardrop Huggie $425.00
sofia zakia Mini Tarot Card Pendant $595.00
the golden carrot Medium Hollow Tube Hoop Earrings $450.00
the golden carrot Micro Box Chain Necklace from $160.00
Laurie Fleming Alexandrite Jasmine Ring $990.00
ariel gordon Mini Balloon Initial Charm $150.00
sirciam Aphenos Ring $1,795.00
sirciam Ethereal Stacking Band $918.00
ef collection Diamond Baby Butterfly Earring $263.00
ef collection Mini Sloane Opal Huggie $375.00
ila collection Hanley Earring in Blue Sapphire $382.00
sofia zakia Key to My Heart Necklace $1,220.00
Minh Singer Ceramics Iceland Jewelry Dish from $60.00
ROYGBIV Arcoíris Gemstone Necklace from $900.00
ROYGBIV Sweethearts Bracelet $350.00
ef collection Baby Diamond Butterfly Necklace $525.00
ariel gordon Chubby Bunny Charm $265.00
ariel gordon Sherbet Bracelet $235.00
ef collection Diamond Curved Bar Ear Cuff $325.00
sofia zakia Rhodolite Termina Ring $890.00
Laurie Fleming Sapphire Aika Ring $460.00
Laurie Fleming Sapphire Beacen Ring $535.00
Laurie Fleming Magnolia Branch Earring $235.00
ef collection Mini Rainbow Stud $248.00
ef collection Rainbow Multi-Stone Huggie $250.00
ruta reifen Shay Earring in Diamond $143.00
Elizabeth Street Eagle Claw Tourmaline Earring $350.00
zoe chicco Itty Bitty 5 Star Bracelet $425.00
the golden carrot Vintage Regal Swan Charm $675.00
ef collection Diamond Shimmy Shaker Huggie $475.00
ef collection Beaming Baguette Bar Bracelet $795.00
ariel gordon Marquise Wink Ring $295.00