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New Arrivals

Queen City Crete Milady Planter $24.00
Page Sargisson Inc. 18K Extra Small Kite Earring $105.00
the golden carrot Stay Gold Sweatshirt $68.00
the golden carrot Prong-Set Black Diamond Trio Bracelet $250.00
ef collection Mini Diamond Teardrop Huggie $398.00
communion by joy Guardian Jelly Star Necklace $750.00
Page Sargisson Inc. 18K Small Kite Earring $138.00
sofia zakia mini worry doll earring $215.00
ariel gordon Twine Ring $665.00
jennie kwon designs 3s Ring in Ruby $420.00
Laurie Fleming Alexandrite Jasmine Ring $990.00
jennie kwon designs Green Sapphire Diamond Arch Ring $995.00
sofia zakia Key to My Heart Necklace $1,220.00
sofia zakia Demeter Ring $1,180.00
ariel gordon Mini Balloon Letter Stud $150.00
ef collection Diamond Baby Butterfly Earring $263.00
ef collection Mini Rainbow Stud $225.00
ef collection Diamond Butterfly Necklace $725.00
ef collection Mini Sloane Opal Huggie $375.00
the golden carrot Medium Hollow Tube Hoop Earrings $375.00
the golden carrot Sonny Jumbo Curb Chain Bracelet from $615.00
Elizabeth Street Sapphire Eagle Claw Band $1,000.00
Elizabeth Street Eagle Claw Tourmaline Earring $350.00
mason grace FINAL SALE - Clair de Lune Moonstone Earring from $135.00 $180.00
Pampshade Baguette Bread Lamp $243.00
Laurie Fleming Sapphire Cyndra Ring $598.00
Laurie Fleming Teal Sapphire Beacen Ring $535.00
Laurie Fleming Diamond Undine Band $1,395.00
zoe chicco Puzzle Piece Necklace $325.00
ariel gordon Birthstone Spotlight Earring from $175.00
Honey Jewelry Co. Effervescent Eternity Band $2,500.00
Honey Jewelry Co. Ice Queen Hexagon Diamond Ring $3,500.00
sirciam Astral Drop Earrings $2,980.00
sirciam Celestial Wax Seal Necklace $2,860.00
Elizabeth Street Tourmaline Flora Cluster Ring $2,200.00
Elizabeth Street East-West Aquamarine Geo Ring $1,350.00
Elizabeth Street Triple Indicolite Radiant Cut Ring $950.00
Elizabeth Street Horizontal Eagle Claw Stone Necklace $600.00
ef collection Baby Diamond Cross Charm $225.00
ef collection Diamond Mini Marley Huggie $498.00