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the golden carrot Tiny Diamond Trio Earring $150.00
zoe chicco Itty Bitty Zodiac Stud $140.00
the golden carrot Tiny Diamond Star Stud $130.00
ef collection Mini Diamond Bar Stud $198.00
Laurie Fleming Nereid Earring $77.00
ariel gordon Marquise Wink Stud $113.00
Laurie Fleming Anais Earring $193.00
wwake Two Step Opal Earring $185.00
the golden carrot Starburst Diamond Earrings $300.00
ef collection Mini Diamond Bolt Earring $188.00
ariel gordon Mini Helium Initial Stud $150.00
Laurie Fleming Hidden Fairy Earring $118.00
wwake Dash Wisp Earring $68.00
Page Sargisson Inc. FINAL SALE - 18K Extra Small Kite Stud $90.00 $106.00
jennie kwon designs Prong-Set Onyx Earrings $310.00
zoe chicco Itty-Bitty Shape Earring $125.00
ef collection Mini Diamond Disc Earrings $650.00
Laurie Fleming Magnolia Branch Earring $258.00
wwake Stick Wisp Earring $108.00
Laurie Fleming Lyrie Earring $268.00
ruta reifen Hope Sapphire Earring (Final Sale) $150.00 $187.00
zoe chicco FINAL SALE -Tiny Pavé Rhombus Stud $146.00 $195.00
zoe chicco Itty Bitty Key Stud $125.00
ariel gordon Birthstone Spotlight Earring from $175.00
Wwake Tri-Opal Earring $252.00
zoe chicco Curbie Chain Drop Earrings $300.00
ruta reifen Shay Earring in Diamond $143.00
wwake Opal Row Earring $290.00
wwake Small Opal Stud $150.00
Elizabeth Street Jewelry Eagle Claw Tourmaline Earrings - Final Sale $400.00 $700.00
ef collection Bitty Diamond Pear Stud $313.00
ila collection Clarence Earrings in Emerald $695.00
ef collection Bitty Berry Ruby Stud $398.00
Labulgara Vector Lobe Cuff Earring $335.00
ef collection Mini Diamond Cross Earring $238.00