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the golden carrot diamond tiny trio stud $150.00
zoe chicco itty bitty zodiac stud $106.00
The Golden Carrot tiny diamond star stud $109.00
ef collection diamond bar stud $165.00
Page Sargisson Inc. extra small kite stud $105.00
the golden carrot black diamond tiny trio stud $150.00
the golden carrot starburst diamond studs $279.00
jennie kwon designs onyx round studs $310.00
hortense chopsticks earring $176.00
wwake two step opal earring $164.00
ef collection diamond mini arrow stud $163.00
ef collection diamond white topaz studs $525.00
Laurie Fleming hidden fairy earring $118.00
Laurie Fleming gossamer wing stud $209.00
ariel gordon marquis wink earring $112.50
wwake one step bar earrings $140.00
ef collection mini diamond initial stud $295.00
sofia zakia mini worry doll earring $175.00
wwake stick wisp earring $97.00
hortense sunshine earrings $616.00
hortense le petite chat earring $105.00
sirciam tanzanite milgrain stud $480.00
Page Sargisson Inc. small kite stud $138.00
Laurie Fleming lyrie wing stud $235.00
Geoflora Jewelry dewdrop tourmaline earring $105.00 $120.00
Laurie Fleming diamond dewdrop rose stud $185.00
zoe chicco boss stud $175.00
wwake tri-opal earring $228.00
hortense flying together earrings $264.00
Elizabeth Street eagle claw tourmaline earrings (pair) $675.00
misa jewelry water lily earring - single $375.00
ef collection diamond mini disc studs (pair) $550.00
ariel gordon sapphire birthstone dust earring $133.00
mason grace clair de lune earring $180.00
ariel gordon diamond chain drop earring $225.00
wwake three step ballon earrings from $290.00
blanca monros gomez tiny seashell stud $95.00
satomi kawakita jewelry threaded cluster brown diamond earring $528.00