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Under $150

The Golden Carrot Piercing Party Reservation $25.00
the golden carrot Seamless Strands Permanent Bracelet from $100.00
The Golden Carrot Gift Card from $50.00
zoe chicco Itty Bitty Zodiac Stud $140.00
the golden carrot Crystal Schwartz $8.00
the golden carrot Tiny Diamond Star Stud $130.00
zoe chicco 14K YG Itty-Bitty Shape Charm $125.00
catherine rising Jumbo Rosemary Rose Vintage Bundle $32.00
margaret solow Natural Stone Beaded Bracelet from $110.00
the golden carrot Serendipity Gold Beaded Bracelet $55.00
ariel gordon Marquise Wink Stud $113.00
Laurie Fleming Nereid Earring $77.00
the golden carrot Vintage Letter Charms from $70.00
ef collection 14k Adjustable Chain Extender $50.00
C.P./A.G. Tension Flat Back Earrings from $100.00
margaret solow Natural Birthstone Charm from $55.00
the golden carrot icelandic spar rhombus $5.00
amborella organics Amborella Organics Lollipop $2.50
The Golden Carrot Herb, the Rabbit Charm $125.00
the golden carrot Biwa Cloud Bracelet $55.00
the golden carrot Signature Au Gold Hat $35.00
wwake Dash Wisp Earring $68.00
Boy Smells Cameo Candle $48.00
zoe chicco Bitty Round Birthstone Charms from $90.00
The Golden Carrot tiny quartz needles $5.00
Laurie Fleming Hidden Fairy Earring $118.00
The Golden Carrot TGC 'Tini Candle $32.00
the golden carrot 6mm Tension Flat Back $28.00
Page Sargisson Inc. FINAL SALE - 18K Extra Small Kite Stud $90.00 $106.00
Cody Foster & Co FINAL SALE French Macaron Glass Ornament from $6.50 $10.00
the golden carrot Seamless Strands Double Bail Charms from $60.00
the golden carrot Rose Quartz Jelly Moon & Star $6.00
zoe chicco Itty-Bitty Shape Earring $125.00
the golden carrot Subtle Stack Ring from $65.00
wwake Stick Wisp Earring $108.00
C-Ville Pancake Trinket Jar $35.00
zoe chicco FINAL SALE -Tiny Pavé Rhombus Stud $146.00 $195.00
the golden carrot Mini Crystal Mushroom $5.00
Yay for Earth 4oz Sensitive Skin Face Lotion $39.00
Boy Smells Cashmere Kush Candle $48.00
the golden carrot Twist Rope Ring from $105.00
zoe chicco Itty Bitty Key Stud $125.00
tiny bones press Snowman Card $5.00 $7.00