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egg press "finding you" card $6.00
Spaghetti & Meatballs "Karen" Holiday Card $6.00
the golden carrot 1.3mm Classic Box Chain from $735.00
the golden carrot 1.5mm Sparkling Twist Rope Chain from $600.00
Honey Jewelry Co. 1.9ct Ingrid Diamond Ring $5,600.00
ef collection 14k Adjustable Chain Extender $50.00
The Golden Carrot 14K Miniature Star of David Charm $100.00
zoe chicco 14K YG Itty-Bitty Shape Charm $125.00
the golden carrot 16" Skinny Box Chain Necklace $285.00
margaret solow 18K Blue Topaz Earrings $395.00
The Golden Carrot 18k Victorian Memento Mori Pearl Ring $1,800.00
the golden carrot 1mm Classic Box Chain from $520.00
the golden carrot 1mm Wisp Singapore Chain from $270.00
the golden carrot 2.5mm Slim Curb Chain Necklace $665.00
Honey Jewelry Co. 2.98ct Sylvie Diamond Ring $6,500.00
Minh Singer Ceramics 22k Cotton Candy Prism Pedestal Bowl $375.00
Honey Jewelry Co. 2ct Spencer Diamond Ring $5,500.00
Honey Jewelry Co. 3.5ct Arcana Diamond Ring $7,000.00
the golden carrot 3ctw Diamond Tennis Bracelet $2,975.00
the golden carrot 3mm Classic Curb Chain from $850.00
jennie kwon designs 3s Ring in Ruby $420.00
jennie kwon designs 3s Ruby Necklace $525.00
Yay for Earth 4oz Sensitive Skin Face Lotion $39.00
jennie kwon designs 5 Pearl Necklace $420.00
Miarante 500 Miles Ring $780.00
the golden carrot 5ctw Diamond Tennis Bracelet $6,000.00
the golden carrot 6mm Tension Flat Back $27.00
margaret solow Agave Tourmaline Necklace $320.00
the golden carrot Airy Twist Hoops $420.00
amborella organics Amborella Organics Lollipop $2.50
Laurie Fleming Anais Earring $188.00
the golden carrot Baby Curb Chain Necklace from $330.00
ef collection Baby Diamond Cross Charm $250.00
the golden carrot Baby Singapore Chain from $210.00
Pampshade Baguette Bread Lamp $240.00
jennie kwon designs baguette round diamond eternity band $2,810.00
tiny bones press Be mine card $6.00
zoe chicco BFF Bracelet $270.00
ariel gordon Birthstone Spotlight Earring from $175.00
ef collection Bitty Baguette Stud - FINAL SALE $175.00 $248.00
ef collection Bitty Diamond Marquise Stud $238.00
ef collection Bitty Diamond Pear Stud $313.00
zoe chicco Bitty Round Birthstone Charms from $70.00
the golden carrot Biwa Cloud Bracelet $55.00
Concrete Collective Blush Pink Sapphire Necklace $350.00