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Mother's Day

zoe chicco Itty Bitty Zodiac Stud $106.00
the golden carrot Dainty Trio Line Diamond Bracelet $300.00
the golden carrot Dainty Diamond Quad Bracelet $330.00
ariel gordon Dual Birthstone Ring from $295.00
the golden carrot Diamond Bail Solitaire Necklace $340.00
zoe chicco 14K YG Itty-Bitty Shape Charm $100.00
ef collection Mini Diamond Huggie $225.00
maya brenner designs Letter Necklace $255.00
the golden carrot Five Diamond Dangle Necklace $500.00
Laurie Fleming Anais Earring $188.00
margaret solow Natural Stone Beaded Bracelet from $110.00
the golden carrot Dainty Hammered Stacker from $120.00
gjenmi Disco Choker $295.00
ariel gordon Mini Helium Initial Stud $150.00
ef collection Mini Diamond Teardrop Huggie $425.00
ef collection Multi-Diamond Huggies $995.00
ef collection Diamond Eternity Band $625.00
the golden carrot Subtle Stack Ring from $65.00
margaret solow 18K Natural Birthstone Charm from $45.00
ariel gordon Flat Link Sweetheart Bracelet $825.00
ariel gordon Spot Chain Bracelet $445.00
gjenmi Classic Neuw Choker $348.00
ariel gordon Name It MAMA Necklace $725.00
Laurie Fleming Lyrie Wing Earring $268.00
ariel gordon Mini Balloon Initial Charm $150.00
zoe chicco Hollow Curb Chain Ring from $395.00
zoe chicco FINAL SALE Itty Bitty BOSS Necklace $292.00 $365.00
ariel gordon Birthstone Spotlight Earring from $175.00
ef collection Classic Diamond Huggie $288.00
ila collection Bali Ring $1,935.00
jennie kwon designs Gray Diamond Slice Ring $2,480.00
Lelia Art & Home Decor Decorative Floral Tray from $170.00
ef collection Baby Diamond Butterfly Necklace $525.00
ila collection Perryn Ring in Diamond $3,025.00
the golden carrot Vintage Initial Letter Charm from $70.00
zoe chicco MAMA Pendant Charm $195.00
jennie kwon designs Green Sapphire Fan Arch Ring $795.00
misa jewelry Morro Moon Ring $890.00
jennie kwon designs Green Sapphire Arch Ring $995.00
Miarante Osla Arch Band in Diamond $710.00
the golden carrot Millenia Stacker $120.00
ef collection Diamond Curb Chain Huggies $1,295.00
ariel gordon Heart of Gold Bracelet $825.00
zoe chicco Supreme 9 Diamond Necklace $1,625.00