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Dorm Room Essentials

The Golden Carrot Crystal Points from $15.00
catherine rising Jumbo Rosemary Rose Vintage Bundle $32.00
The Golden Carrot Gift Card from $50.00
Boy Smells Redhead Candle $36.00
the golden carrot icelandic spar rhombus $5.00
the golden carrot Crystal Schwartz $8.00
The Golden Carrot Spiralite Gemshells from $20.00
The Golden Carrot tiny quartz needles $5.00
Boy Smells Cameo Candle $36.00
the golden carrot Rose Quartz Jelly Moon & Star $6.00
the golden carrot Goddess Quartz Crystal $20.00
Minh Singer Ceramics Iceland 22K Gold-Kissed Dish $60.00
Boy Smells Cashmere Kush Candle $36.00
Boy Smells Lower East Side Candle $36.00
catherine rising selenite palo santo bundle $18.00
the golden carrot selenite minis $5.00
the golden carrot Blistered Pearl Shell $15.00
catherine rising Shining Light Palo Santo Bundle $18.00
Yay for Earth 4oz Sensitive Skin Face Lotion $38.00
Boy Smells Italian Kush Candle $36.00
The Golden Carrot quartz cluster specimen from $25.00
The Golden Carrot Rose Quartz Decorative Slab $200.00
Minh Singer Ceramics small iceland bowl $100.00
the golden carrot Pyrite Quartz Cluster — Bulgaria $325.00
the golden carrot Desktop Quartz from $40.00
the golden carrot Franklin — Desktop Desert Rose Selenite from $15.00
the golden carrot Desktop Quartz - Ice Explosion $250.00
the golden carrot Ombré Smokey Quartz Cluster $375.00
catherine rising Pink Rosemary Rose Quartz Bundle $18.00
the golden carrot Decorative Crystal Orb from $5.00
the golden carrot Druzy Moon & Heart Crystals $20.00
Minh Singer Ceramics 22K Iceland Mountains Dish $75.00
Minh Singer Ceramics 22k Cotton Candy Prism Pedestal Bowl $375.00
Queen City Crete Bean Tray $25.00
Queen City Crete Neapolitan Swirl Heart Ring Dish $15.00
catherine rising Sunny Side Palo Santo Bundle $18.00
Queen City Crete Señorita Shell Dish $14.00
catherine rising Petite Vintage Botanical Bundle $18.00
the golden carrot Large Coffee Table Quartz Pillar $500.00
the golden carrot Small Quartz with Hematite $35.00
the golden carrot Large Quartz with Hematite $135.00
the golden carrot Quartz on Matrix with Hematite $135.00
the golden carrot Smokey Quartz Crystal Cluster $120.00