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Dorm Room Essentials

hortense pearl wish me luck $35.00
amborella organics Seed-Bearing Lollipops $2.50
The Golden Carrot quartz schwartz $8.00
The Golden Carrot crystal points from $15.00
Boy Smells Redhead Candle $32.00
Boy Smells Coin Candle $32.00
HRBLS herbal remedy chews from $25.00
The Golden Carrot Spiralite Gemshells from $20.00
the golden carrot icelandic spar rhombus $5.00
The Golden Carrot tiny quartz needles $5.00
Boy Smells Cameo Candle $32.00
Minh Singer Ceramics mini iceland dish w/ 22k gold accents $60.00
Queen City Crete Theia's Orb Planter $12.00
Queen City Crete Heart Dish $12.00
the golden carrot fluorite octahedron $1.50
egg press hugs and kisses card $6.00
The Golden Carrot abalone shell from $15.00
suite one studio mini bowl $32.00
the golden carrot selenite minis $5.00
Boy Smells Italian Kush Candle $34.00
Queen City Crete Arc Tray $35.00
Queen City Crete Scallop Shell Dish $14.00
The Golden Carrot quartz cluster specimen from $25.00
egg press you're a star card $6.00
The Golden Carrot rose quartz slab $200.00
Minh Singer Ceramics small iceland bowl $100.00
Minh Singer Ceramics xs prism dish w/ gold specks $80.00
Queen City Crete Bean Tray $25.00
Queen City Crete Starfish Dish $14.00
Minh Singer Ceramics Melon Burst Dish $60.00
Minh Singer Ceramics Heaven Sent Dish $60.00
Minh Singer Ceramics Arctic Lagoon Dish $60.00
Minh Singer Ceramics Aqua Blue Lagoon Dish $60.00
Minh Singer Ceramics Aurora Dish $60.00
Minh Singer Ceramics Iridescent Waterfall Dish $80.00
catherine rising Jumbo Vintage Botanical Bundle $32.00
catherine rising Petite Vintage Botanical Bundle $18.00
Boy Smells Cashmere Kush Candle $34.00
the golden carrot Large Coffee Table Quartz Pillar $500.00
the golden carrot Small Quartz with Hematite $35.00
the golden carrot Large Quartz with Hematite $135.00
the golden carrot Quartz on Matrix with Hematite $135.00
the golden carrot Smoky Quartz Crystal Cluster $300.00
the golden carrot Amethyst and Quartz Crystal Cluster $120.00
the golden carrot Kyanite on Matrix $90.00
the golden carrot Rutile $160.00
the golden carrot Epidote $170.00
the golden carrot Booklet of Green Mica $100.00
the golden carrot Hiddenite $1,200.00
the golden carrot Florets of Pyrophyllite (Set of Three) $150.00