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The Golden Carrot "croque-monsieur" quartz specimen $600.00
egg press "OMG" card $6.00
the golden carrot 14K Vintage Flat Libra Charm $160.00
the golden carrot 14K Vintage Sea Turtle Charm $175.00
the golden carrot 14k Vintage Shar Pei Charm $350.00
Page Sargisson Inc. 18K Extra Small Kite Earring $105.00
Page Sargisson Inc. 18K Small Kite Earring $138.00
the golden carrot 18k Vintage Cancer Zodiac Charm $350.00
ef collection 2 Tone Diamond Bar Stud $213.00
Minh Singer Ceramics 22k Cotton Candy Prism Pedestal Bowl $375.00
Minh Singer Ceramics 22K Iceland Mountains Dish $75.00
the golden carrot 3 Diamond Stack Ring $200.00
jennie kwon designs 3 round diamond baguette equilibrium ring from $1,098.00
jennie kwon designs 3s Ring in Ruby $420.00
Yay for Earth 4oz Sensitive Skin Face Lotion $38.00
ef collection 5 Bezel-Diamond Ring from $625.00
The Golden Carrot abalone shell from $15.00
blanca monros gomez adeline champagne diamond band $1,400.00
blanca monros gomez adeline grey diamond band $1,485.00
ef collection adjustable chain extender $50.00
Laurie Fleming Alexandrite Jasmine Ring $990.00
the golden carrot Amethyst and Quartz Crystal Salvo $2,900.00
the golden carrot Amethyst Cluster $240.00
Laurie Fleming Anais Earring $165.00
gjenmi Anchor Chain Bracelet $174.00
the golden carrot Angel Aura Quartz Cityscape $175.00
the golden carrot aquamarine specimen - medium $375.00
Queen City Crete Arc Tray $50.00
sirciam Astral Drop Earrings $2,980.00
zoe chicco BABE Stud $175.00
ef collection Baby Diamond Cross Charm $225.00
the golden carrot Baby Singapore Chain from $150.00
Pampshade Baguette Bread Lamp $243.00
jennie kwon designs baguette round diamond eternity band $2,810.00
ila collection Bali in Blue Sapphire Ring $1,375.00
ila collection Bali Ring in Diamond $1,760.00
Queen City Crete Bean Tray $25.00
ila collection benson ring in diamond $1,730.00
zoe chicco BFF bracelet $270.00
zoe chicco BFF Charm $165.00
ariel gordon Birthstone Spotlight Earring from $175.00
blanca monros gomez black diamond stitch earring $170.00
margaret solow Blood Orange Reuleaux Necklace $340.00
the golden carrot Booklet of Green Mica $100.00