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ariel gordon

Dual Birthstone Ring

emerald & diamond
ruby & garnet
garnet & pearl
aqua & peridot
tourmaline & citrine
turquoise & pearl
sapphire & diamond
amethyst & diamond
ruby & diamond
amethyst + ruby
turquoise & pink tourmaline
aquamarine & diamond
diamond & diamond
emerald and pink tourmaline
citrine & diamond
custom combination - no diamond
stone + diamond
double diamond
emerald & turquoise

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Dainty, elegant, fresh and modern, the Dual Birthstone Ring is fully customizable. Snag one of the few we have in stock, or make it personal and pair your birthstone with your love's, create a modern take on a Mother's Ring, or combine any two stones you'd love to see together for a design that captures your own individual style.  

- 14k yellow gold
- Overall h
eight: 1/16"
- Two 1pt. gemstones bezel set into an open ended ring
- Please allow 3-4 weeks for custom/special orders

*Please note that all special and custom orders are Final Sale. These stones are natural and untreated. Due to their small size, some are more opaque/vibrant (i.e. Ruby, Sapphire, Turquoise, Emerald), while others appear translucent/lighter in color (i.e. Peridot, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Citrine.)