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Sweethearts Bracelet


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A medley of vibrant to earthy-toned semi-precious gemstones hand-knotted on rich silk to adorn your wrists. Features 14K gold round or heart-shaped adjustable links.

- 14K gold
- Designed and handmade in Wilmington, North Carolina
- Adjustable (anywhere from 6.5"—8.5" in length
- Gemstones included (but not limited to): Lapis Lazuli. Moonstone. Pink Rose Quartz. Neon Apatite. South-Western Turquoise. Fluorite. Spiny Oyster. Tiger Eye. Red Jasper. Aquamarine. Parsley Aventurine. Moss Agate. Yellow Jade. Morganite. Angelite. Argentine Rhodochrosite. Red Carnelian. Larimar. Amazonite. Charoite.