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mini worry doll earring

worry doll

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According to Guatemalan tradition, Worry Dolls, or Muñeca quitapenas, serve as tiny talismans to keep one's worries away. In Guatemalan tradition, legend has it a Mayan princess, Ixmucane, received a special gift from the Sun God which allowed her to solve just about any problem humans worried about. Traditionally made with wood and colorful textiles, children tell their sorrows and worries to their handmade doll, place it under their pillow at night, and the next day they awaken with their worries gone.

- 14k yellow gold
- Worry dolls measure approximately 1cm in height with engravings on both the front and back of each doll.
- Choose between Iq (happiness), Ix (good luck), Ajpu (strength & protection) or Noj (peace).
- sold as a single