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Yay for Earth

Good Things Come in 3s Sunny Side Bundle

Wake up and feel the sunshine! 🌞  You owe it to yourself to give your mind, body and spirit the care they need. The Sunny Side bundle features Catherine Rising's selenite & palo santo arrangement + Yay for Earth's Sensitive Skin Face Lotion & Hydrosol Spritzie.

Palo Santo & Selenite Bundle -Pink selenite nestled with two sticks of wildflowers and ethically & sustainably sourced Ecuadorian Palo Santo. Burn with intent.
- Hydrosol Spritzie  - a calming toner made with chamomile, frankincense, red cedar and douglas fir (3.3oz, natural earthy fragrance)
- Sensitive Skin Face Lotion - an everyday face lotion ideal for all skin types. Made with organic olive oil, organic shea butter, organic pomegranate seed oil, local beeswax (4oz)